Free Domain Name Suggestion Tools For Solopreneurs to Grab Best Domain Before It’s Gone

Best Business And Domain Name Generators and Suggestion tools

Why you should use Domain Name Suggestion Tools?

Getting the best domain name for your online business, blog, youtube channel, podcast and store is getting tougher than ever.

Choosing a domain name for your first website is not an easy task, it is research oriented and time consuming task. Thankfully there are many Domain name suggestion tools that help us check domain name availability, prices, and extensions that give us more suggestions for domain or online business names (website). These tools suggest domain names by keywords, prefixes, suffixes, and many more options to narrow down the desired domain name.

Website name generation tools come with various features like beginning with adjectives, adding hyphens, adding numbers, starting or ending with et cetera which adds various dimensions to your domain name search. These tools make your domain availability check handy and help you to save your liking and favorite domain names.

Many domains look attractive and contain keywords but if you don’t give attention to tiny details you may get a victim of funny domain names like the below, which is actually which is (same with ExpertsExchange)

TeacherSTALKING which is TeachersTalking and there are many more examples of double-meaning funny domain names.

I have gathered a list of useful business name suggestion or generator tools that reduces your time and effort.

Here is a List of Domain and Website Name Suggestion Tools

This one is my favorite tool because it has various features like word combiner, and adding prefixes and suffixes, which helps you to get a perfect domain name for your business. You just need to enter words or keywords you want and it generates a list of available domains.

It has been providing various services related to domain, hosting, and email since 1996. There are many options such as setting the maximum words you want in your domain and adding various popular words and setting the filter density, etc. If you like to add hyphens and numbers in your domain this feature is also available. You can avail coupons and offer to save on domain, hosting, and email purchases.

Namemesh is a perfect tool for start-ups to combine words and get a list of SEO-friendly, short, common, mixed, and funny domain names. It also supports latest domain names like .co .io .biz .cc .ninja et cetera


This tool generates hundreds of domain name suggestions with prefixes and suffixes like 101, service, news et cetera which add different twists to your keyword. This helps you to get an old-school domain name. You can easily copy this list and check availability by just clicking on the domain name.

NameStall offers various options when it comes to domain search you can search brandable domain names, dictionary word domain search, high-paying keywords et cetera. It also offers a business niche to find out a domain name that suits your business.
It generates different domain names by doubling, merging, and swapping the words. It also appends and prepends words to form unique domain names. See related words and check your social media availability.

It’s simple and one of my favorites too, it combines two words and it’s up to you to have hyphens or rhymes or both in your domain name. If your desired domain is not available you can make an offer to the domain holder and in most cases, you could negotiate the price and get your desired domain by spending a few more pennies.


It’s easy to purchase a domain but if you choose the domain wisely with the help of these brand name suggestion/mixer/generator tools and sites, you will be able to register your first brandable domain name.

Startup Name Suggestion Tools help to add different variations to our desired domain name and sometimes these tools generate domain names that you could not imagine but which fit our business or niche. Try out these domain or podcast name generation tools and let me which is your favorite.


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