How to Earn Cryptocurrency By Blogging | How I Made 1000 USD with a Single Blog Spot

If you are a blogger and looking for ways to earn extra income through blogging then this platform is for you. I am sharing a platform where I earned 1000 USD with a single blog post. Frankly speaking, it was not a blog, it was just a post of curated images of cats and dogs.

You would love this platform if you could create curated content or listicles. You can write about anything and earn cryptocurrency. You can convert this cryptocurrency into any other fiat or cryptocurrency.

The platform is and we earn Steem cryptocurrency on this platform. Are you interested in earning additional income? then stay tuned to learn more about Steemit.

Earn Crypto Currency Online with

What is Steemit?

Steemit is a blockchain-based blogging and social media platform. It rewards users with cryptocurrency. It is the longest-running blockchain-based social media platform. 

You can earn Steem and Steem Power cryptocurrency for writing articles. You can also earn by upvoting, curating, and commenting on good content. How much you can earn per upvote depends on how much Steem Power the upvoter holds.

To understand how Steemit works go through the whitepaper.

My $1000 Steemit Success Story:

In 2016, I posted a simple cat and dog images blog post on Steemit. I got an upvote from a whale (an account with a lot of Steem Power). At that time a Steem Dollar (value was around 1 USD and a Bitcoin value was around 1000 USD. I made around 100 USD from that blog post. I thought it was some kind of virtual money or credit.

I wasn’t aware of Steem Dollar cryptocurrency and how Steemit ecosystems work. When I checked my Steemit wallet a year later it was worth 1000 USD because the Steem Dollar was around 13 USD. A Bitcoin coin was around 19000 USD.

I didn’t know it was actual money so never thought about redeeming it but one day I decided to give it a try. I researched how to redeem SBD with the Indian Rupee. I got to know that I needed a service to convert Steem Dollars to Bitcoin and then Bitcoin to Indian currency. I used Blocktrades (an exchange) to exchange Steem Dollars with Bitcoin. And then I used Zebpay and Unocoin to receive Bitcoin and then withdrew in Indian currency INR.

Here are the details, 

2016: 1 Steem Dollar = 1 USD,    Wallet 100

2017: 1 Steem Dollar = 13 USD,  100*13 = 1300 USD

1 SBD = 1 USD1 SBD = 13 USD
1 SBD*100 = 1001 SBD*13 = 1300 USD
Wallet Value 100 USDWallet Value 1300 USD
How Asset Appreciation Helped Me Earn $1000 with a Single Blog Post

How to make more income via blogging with

Steemit is the best platform to make cryptocurrency and money online. In this section, we will discuss ways to earn more income with Steemit and similar platforms.

1. Buy Steem Power

The key to earning thousands of Steem dollars from Steemit is to hold a lot of Steem Power. By holding a lot of Steem Power you can upvote your post and earn interest for holding Steem Power. You can purchase Steem Power or you can earn it via blogging.

To earn cryptocurrency by blogging, you have to work hard because writing a quality blog is a tough task. Blogging is a fun yet hard-working way of making additional money online.

People earn $1000s of Steem Dollars on Steemit by holding Steem Power. Have a long-term investment perspective to earn cryptocurrency by writing articles.

2. Be Consistent

It’s easy to get started but it’s not easy to be consistent with blogging. You have to share quality and relevant content with your audience. Being consistent helps you create your audience. 

3. Build Your Audience

Write on relevant topics and explore topics that the Steemit community likes. Write content you know about, share creative ideas, and experiment with your content. It will help you get more views and upvotes.

Comment on other relevant topics or your area of interest. It will help you create a network of like-minded people. Your network would enjoy your content as they are interested in the same topics. Your loyal audience base will help you grow.

4. Help Steemit Grow to Grow Yourself

Focus on creating a network on other platforms like Facebook. Make a group of Steemit users and work as a team to share content. Try to bring more users to the Steemit platform because if Steemit grows you grow.

Steemit works on investment so more investors will help you grow.

5. Write Quality Content in Your Niche

Remember Quality over quantity. Always write quality posts that are helpful for the community and your followers. It’s also essential to build your followers to leverage the platform and get the most out of it.

Be creative, original, open, and honest about your experiences. Share things you do on a day-to-day basis. People like raw content and people like to get connected with like-minded people.

Reasons Why Bloggers Should Use Steemit Other than Earning Extra Bucks

There are many reasons why every blogger must use Steemit while working on his/her blog.

Repurpose Your Content

If you are a blogger and seeking an opportunity to repurpose your content for extra exposure. Steemit will increase your blog’s online visibility which will help you generate extra money.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another way to add some extra bucks to your pocket. Write and promote products you trust and help your peer bloggers.

Build Audience

Sharing your views, opinions, and knowledge on other platforms expands your reach and helps you build an audience.

SEO Backlinks

Writing and promoting your blog on other platforms helps in search engine optimization. You can create backlinks that would help your blog rank higher on search engine result pages.

Improve Your Writing

When you write on other platforms it helps you get better at blog writing. The more you practice the better you get, practice makes a man perfect. Practice your blog writing and get additional benefits.

Similar and alternative platforms Like Steemit

There are many similar platforms where you can earn cryptocurrencies by blogging.

Here is the list of Blockchain Platforms to earn crypto online,,,,,

If you need a real-time cryptocurrency tracker in Google Spreadsheet. Check the following video.

Import LIVE Crypto Prices in Google Sheets


Steemit is the best platform to earn cryptocurrency. Repurpose your content, get backlinks, expand your network, and learn about cryptocurrencies.

I hope my story inspires aspiring bloggers to try Steemit and other platforms. By exploring new writing platforms anyone can add an extra income stream. I shared my experience to encourage everyone to write blogs and try their luck at blogging.

It also encourages me to blog and not miss such chances of making money online. It also encourages me to keep trying my luck on other platforms.

Questions for crypto and tech-savvy bloggers

Have you tried Steemit?

How much have you earned from a single blog post?

Do you know how to make money from Steemit?

Would you like to try Steemit? If yes, start now so you can earn cryptocurrency from today only.

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